This may be quite a dumb questin, but I'm looking to convert my word document to a pdf file.

Does anyone know a simple cheap way to do this?

Any information on this would be appreciated.

rnewhouse says:

Cheapest way is to send it to someone who has Acrobat and ask them to do it for you.

Otherwise you have to buy Acrobat -- I think you might be able to get educational discounts from a college bookstore, or from some retailers, if you are a student or teacher.

Hint: Use the "Distiller" function, not the "PDF Maker." I'm not sure why, but it's simpler and seems to be more transportable.

Dylan says:

I believe OpenOffice or one of the other Open Source equivalents (can't remember which one) will save as PDF.

If you can't find that, e-mail it to me. I'll convert it for you and send it back. I have the Adobe Creative Suite, which includes Acrobat.

spincycle` says:

I have a Commercial copy of Acrobat 6.0 so I can do the same as well. if you need me to do it you can email me at the following:

jpwain says:

There is/was a tool on Adobe's website that allows you to upload a .doc and then e-mails you a PDF.

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