I was looking through Google! Labs and came across this. Now, first of all, who will actually use this. Second, how would this be lucrative to Google at all?

Any input?

Dylan says:

Wow. Well, aside from the "holy crap that is cool" factor, I can't see it being too much use unless they have a mobile version of the site that works on a cell phone or Internet-enabled PDA.

In Chicago you can pretty much walk to the edge of any street downtown, wave your arms a lot, and you'll have at least one taxi within a minute. That's a much shorter amount of time than it would take for me to get out my PDA, navigate to Google Rides, find where I am right then, scroll around finding a nearby taxi, and then head off to flag that taxi.

rnewhouse says:

Yeah, but standing on the street corner waving your arm just isn't as COOL as doing all that time-consuming geeky stuff.

bob says:

Wow. On one hand, that's very cool, but somehow I keep thinking "It's a Brave New World." With all the privacy issues these new Google services are prompting, how long before we all have Google chips inserted into our bodies, to track our evey move with real time satellite imagery that resolves up to 40 microns?

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